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15. 12. 2020

ODEON: Open Data for European Open iNnovation - Newsletter n.5

The regional Data HUBs develop activities for the dissemination of knowledge and the possibilities of exploitation of OD and LOD, responded to the emerging needs reported by stakeholders, and offered

04. 12. 2020

OIS-AIR Network unlocking innovation potential in Adriatic-Ionian region

Started in 2018, with the main aim to strength the development of industrial and entrepreneurial activities in Adriatic-Ionian Region, the OIS-AIR Project, financed by Interreg Adrion EU Programme, un

30. 10. 2020

Conclusion – Overview of the project & its results

  Globalization is making the world smaller and more cross-connected. Competition doesn’t sleep, because there is always one part of the world, where they are awake, and through digitalization is tar

15. 10. 2020

THINGS+ in numbers

Interreg THINGS+ project made 100+ SMEs and 220+ entrepreneurs in Central Europe, regional motors of innovation! Scroll through the posters and learn more about the project results.

29. 09. 2020

The Next Round Investment Conference will bring together € 2 billion worth investors and best regional startups at more than 540 online meetings

At the ONLINE Next Round investment conference, on 20 and 21 October, foreign and domestic private investors will get the chance to meet the best regional start-ups looking for the next round investme

18. 08. 2020

NEXT ROUND 2020 coming soon

On October 20 & 21 at the Next Round Investment Conference, 1+ Billion Euro of aggregate investor potential will meet the best startups from Slovenia and Central and Eastern Europe.

15. 07. 2020

InstaText, Slovenian start:up of the year 2020

InstaText is a web-based platform that uses artificial intelligence for text improvement. It behaves like your personal writing assistant who rewrites your texts like a native speaker. In a matter of

11. 06. 2020

Virtual Roundtable “Never waste a good crisis!”

The Corona Virus epidemic has emerged in less than three months and has shifted the worldwide economic map into a direction, where the classical codes are no longer efficient, and the necessity of cre

29. 05. 2020

Meet our team: Vera Nunić teaches changes in thinking more than entrepreneurial skills

Vera Nunić is the heart and trademark of Technology park Ljubljana, having led and developed entrepreneurial content for startup and scaleup companies for more than a decade.

25. 05. 2020

BRNoutId won the hearts of the hackathon with the most votes

A Slovenian team of experts from various fields, developed an innovative solution to burnout, BRNoutID, during the largest hackathon, #EUvsVirus, in April. The team worked under BLCKB, a company in th

07. 04. 2020

Meet our team: Mojca Cvirn connects resources and content for the development of the digital health community

Mojca Cvirn is an expert in raising national and European funds with over 20 years of professional experience and more than 2.5 EUR of raised funds. At the same time, she leads the digital health comm

26. 03. 2020

Why should companies start selling products as services

What can manufacturers do to become more like Netflix and make more profit? Servitization is a paradigm shift in how companies sell their products. It guides manufacturers away from the traditional d

25. 03. 2020

Results of promoting smart digital solutions to traditional industrial sectors

The main project goals were to foster smart innovation processes, improved products, and business models and the shared model of sustainable growth., where policymakers and innovation stakeholders int

18. 03. 2020

How does the digital future of Europe look like?

What are the challenges of digitalization in Europe? How can small and medium-sized companies (SME) and policymakers work together? What does it take to strengthen the exchange of innovative practices

12. 03. 2020

Meet our team: Aleš Pevc is building the XR community with love for technology

Aleš Pevc, an electrical engineer and head of our Technology team as well as development projects at (TPLJ - Technology Park Ljubljana), has been fascinated by technology since youth. Over the past

11. 03. 2020

Smart Space project - Final event 10. 02. 2020

On 10th February 2020 the Chamber of Commerce of Venezia Rovigo organized the Smart Space Final Event Project in M9 Museum in Mestre - VE. The event has set itself the objective of presenting to the

06. 03. 2020

Innovation opportunities and best practice in maritime industry

On 5th March 2020 we organized an event "Innovation opportunities and best practice in the maritime industry". The public invited to the seminar was from a broader stakeholder group. Present were entr

13. 02. 2020

Start:up Alpe Adria Open Call for Growth-stage Startups

An intensive 5-day acceleration program with globally experienced mentors that will help you scale your business, reach new customers, improve your sales operations, hire the best talent and take care

05. 02. 2020

IT Engineer

At Zemanta, they're building the most advanced native advertising platform in the world. Marketing agencies love their dashboard - they use it to run native advertising campaigns that can spend hundre

30. 01. 2020

Maša Kolenko, Slovenian entrepreneur in Spain

Maša Kolenko, Slovenian entrepreneur is doing an exchange program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in Murcia, Spain. We were talking to Maša about her experience abroad and to her hos Nuria Rojas from

22. 01. 2020

Digital transformation is a precondition for a circular economy

Transnational kick-off meeting, Circular4.0 (Interreg Alpine Space), Ljubljana (Slovenia) From 9th to 10th January 2020, Technology Park Ljubljana (TPLJ) hosted Circular4.0 partner´s meeting, which a

20. 01. 2020

Interview with Borut Potočnik, a mentor in THINGS+ project

Company Growth, Operations Development, Business Consulting, Mentoring, Startups, and growing companies. Experienced in though the economic environment of both more and less developed countries. Activ