Collaborative innovation ecosystems

With the carriers of regional development we co-create and implement internationally-recognized, tailored and highly efficient strategies, programs and services to increase regional innovation capacity.

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Workshops on efficient knowledge-based regional development

Using the old approaches and tools for regional development does not produce results. A prerequisite for the successful implementation of improvements in the innovation ecosystem is an increased awareness of the importance of innovation, trust in the effectiveness of modern solutions and broad support for all types of stakeholders.

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Co-creation of innovation strategies and frameworks

Copying legislative frameworks and strategies is not effective, since it ignores the particularities of each ecosystem. Co-cration of modern smart specialization strategies with broad support of innovative environment and appropriate regulatory, financial and institutional framework to support the implementation, thus greatly increasing odds for success.

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Development od effective institutions

Newly established institutions that perform traditional and environmentally unfriendly forms of support, are inefficient and only increase the distance from the user institutions. Partnership development to upgrade the local capacity needed to implement effective strategies to eliminate the activities of the brain drain, lack of qualified staff and low monetization of knowledge and technologies.

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Co-creation and implementation of national programs

Long-term implementation unchanged national support programs may lead to the fact that once successful measures become fully relevant. Together with local experts develop and introduce highly effective national programs tailored to the real needs of end users and key shortcomings of the environment in accordance with the national strategy and vision.

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