DIH.Healthday.si - a cluster of digital healthcare companies

DIH.Healthday.si is a cluster for digital innovation in healthcare, driven by Ljubljana Technology Park and Better by Marand. The world is changing, health is no exception! We strive to penetrate the innovation of young companies into the healthcare system, which we offer all the necessary support.

We offer workshops, mentoring, advice, and representation in dialogue with stakeholders in the healthcare system. Our goal is to enable five innovators to enter the healthcare system by the end of 2020.

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Healthday.si - International Conference on Digital Health

The Conference brings together all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem in a way that enables the implementation of projects to improve the health and quality of life of all citizens, as well as creating new opportunities for employees and companies in the health sector. This year's Healthday.si 2019 conference will take place on October 10, 2019. Contact: Urška Rauter Gaber, urska.rauter@tp-lj.si.

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Selected companies, based on application and selection, will receive help with the preparation of the plan with goals for innovation of the company, assistance of mentors within a minimum of 20 hours per company, participation in all workshops, presentation to health insurance companies and representation in discussions with the authorities of the health system. Soon there will be announced a new call for applications. If you want to be informed about this, write to Mrs. Mojca Cvirn, mojca.cvirn@

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Workshops and training

In cooperation with top experts, we organize workshops and events in which we share the latest trends, knowledge, and findings in the field of digital health.

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Cooperation with companies

After five years, Healthday.si has gone beyond its frameworks and opens a new chapter; we present you DIH.Healthday.si, a hub for digital innovation in healthcare. We invite the innovators to join our community and join our program, through which we will support you on your business path.

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