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20. 12. 2019

Round table: Promoting creative industrial spaces in cultural spaces

Technology park Ljubljana organized an international event on the promotion of creative industrial cultural spaces and on the international platform SACHE - Smart Accelerators of Creative Heritage Ent

16. 12. 2019

OIS-AIR Proof of Concept Call – Innovation voucher winners announced

Winners of the 10 innovation vouchers within OIS-AIR Proof of Concept Call (PoC Call), designed to support innovative projects to be jointly developed by research institutes and SMEs in Adriatic Ionia

02. 12. 2019

SMART-SPACE Explosion of technologies of TopTech community

Ljubljana, 29th of November 2019 - The event was organized in Technology Park Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 29th of November 2019. The community event, that showed Slovenian technologies from different S

24. 10. 2019

Interview with Alessandra Gruppi, the business innovation expert

Alessandra Gruppi is the business innovation expert that led the pilot action to test with SMEs the effectiveness of THINGS+ Service Innovation Methodology in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. She took p

24. 10. 2019

Interview with Tina Osojnik, a mentor in THINGS+ project

"Servitization for me is data processing for a specific purpose, offered to customers," says Tina Osojnik, an expert, who helps companies protect, lead and integrate the development of innovation and

08. 10. 2019

Second Policy dialogue meeting in Brno

Project partners, representatives from Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Central Europe and policy makers from different countries met in Brno on 1st October 2019 at the 2nd dialogue meeting.

27. 09. 2019

SAVVY ECG for early detection of heart arrhythmia

When the company Saving partnered with the Josef Stefan Institute to take over commercialization of an innovative ECG monitor, the entrepreneurs assumed they have a relatively easy job ahead of them.

27. 09. 2019

Smart Optometry: innovative digitalization of eye diagnostics

Since its foundation in 2015, Smart Optometry released two products to the market. The first one is an eye diagnostics app Smart Optometry, with over 75,000 users around the world. The second solution

27. 09. 2019

Digitalization of healthcare is an opportunity and a challenge

Modern technology is affecting various aspects of our lives, including medicine and healthcare. Digital solutions are supposed to help with faster diagnosis, encourage prevention through early detecti

09. 09. 2019

Ana Petani, young entrepreneur from Albania

Albanian, 22 old Ana Petani is doing an exchange program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in Ljubljana. We were talking to Ana about her experience and to Jan Kikelj from hosting company Ljudje Ltd.

11. 06. 2019

We started with the second program phase of Things+

On 6th of June 2019, we started with the second program phase of Things +, which was hosted by mentors Borut Potočnik with Tina Zajc and moderated by Mojca Cvirn.

05. 05. 2019


Financed from the Interreg Mediterranean programme, tender number EU/05/2019 Background Tehnološki park Ljubljana d.o.o. (Technology park Ljubljana Ltd) is a partner in the  GREENOMED project. T

26. 03. 2019

A Virtual and Augmented reality Hub for creating breakthrough ideas

In March we have organized the first Slovenian conference Look Around 360, dedicated to the technologies of virtual and augmented reality and have opened a laboratory for all enthusiasts of future tec

18. 03. 2019

Knapp entered the ownership of Slovene company Epilog

In February, the Austrian multi-national company Knapp AG engaging in intralogistics automation, which is considered a global technology enabler, entered the ownership structure of our member, company

08. 03. 2019

Visit of the President of the Austrian National Council

We hosted Wolfgang Sobotka - President of the National Council of Austria with a delegation in order to present the activities of the Technology Park Ljubljana and some of its companies. 

01. 03. 2019

Matej Cerar is the new CEO of Technology Park Ljubljana

In February 2019, Matej Cerar was named as the new Chief Executive Officer of Technology Park Ljubljana.

07. 02. 2019

Our member wins Young Manager of the Year 2018 Award

Cosylab Deputy CEO Igor Verstovšek wins Young Manager of the Year 2018 Award.