Smart Space project - Final event 10. 02. 2020

11. 03. 2020

Smart Space project - Final event 10. 02. 2020

On 10th February 2020 the Chamber of Commerce of Venezia Rovigo organized the Smart Space Final Event Project in M9 Museum in Mestre - VE.

The event has set itself the objective of presenting to the participants the final results of the Project that during the three years involved 300 SMEs through dedicated pilot actions or supporting experimental activities aimed at training, information for the initiation or implementation of digital practices.

The results showed: 330 hours spent in training courses, 282 people involved, 43 self-assessment (14 Italy, 12 Austria, 12 Germany, 5 France for a total of 15% of trained intermediaries. Over 192 intermediaries such as Category Associations, Public Administration and Chamber of Commerce involved in cross-actions fertilization, by mutual exchanges of ideas and scientific and technical methods to be able to confront and aim at the production of a result that will allow radical innovation.

The Final Event was an important occasion for all participants to share and discuss the importance of the applications of new digital technologies and the support that the Smart Space Project provided to SMEs, Public and Private Intermediaries, Policy Makers and stakeholders.

In particular to SMEs from traditional, digital industrial sectors assisted in adopting the digital technology and added value-services to improve their products and their business model; to Public and Private intermediaries increased their competence to assist SMEs from traditional sectors to finalize smart innovation processes; to Policymakers and Innovation stakeholders integrated smart manufacturing innovation processes within the AS industrial system with a shared-model of sustainable growth.

More information about the final event and presentations you could find on the flowing link: