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11. 05. 2021

Slovenia becomes computing superpower with Supercomputer Vega

The city of Maribor has a new bran Supercomputer Vega, which puts Slovenia on the world map of computing superpowers. It is the first in a series of eight planned high-performance computing (HPC) cent

11. 05. 2021

XLAB is celebrating its 20th anniversary

XLAB is a global IT company focused on remote desktop, management and automation, security and privacy, IoT and data analytics, building on breakthroughs of its own research team.

11. 05. 2021 A hub for digital innovations

Our colleague Urška Rauter Gaber, a leader of the community on  creating an innovation friendly ecosystem for health tech companies. 

11. 05. 2021

ArrowFast will bring your medical device to the market faster!

Arrowfast takes care of the complexities behind medical device engineering. Their mission is to help companies bring their devices to doctors and patients as soon as possible. What are the key points

23. 03. 2021

From regional strategies and projects to best practices in the field of Health and Active Ageing – ACSELL 1st twinning workshop

In the framework of the ACSELL project, the Central European Initiative Executive Secretariat and the Technology Park Ljubljana established a twinning to exchange best practices, gain knowledge and bu

04. 03. 2021

Co-financing up to 600k EUR for investors in Slovenian startups

If you are private investor and would like to invest in a startup incorporated in Slovenia, the Slovene Enterprise Fund (SEF) can double your investment!  SEF is supporting up to 5 best startups per y

03. 03. 2021

A vision in precision - Interview with a CEO of our member company Sensum

In the Technology Park Ljubljana, we have a company Sensum d.o.o. that transforms what used to be a manual, mundane job with efficient, precise in- novation. Headquartered in Slovenia’s capital, Sensu

26. 02. 2021

Ce-Connector presents Business Wiki for early stage startups

The language we use changes regularly, and gradually becomes shorter over time. In business, time is money, so many phrases are reduced to the necessary shortcuts.