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07. 10. 2022

Companies that refuse to adopt new technologies in the next few years will stay far behind the competition

Companies that refuse to adopt new technologies in the next few years will be left far behind the competition, was the key message of the Word Future Verse Conference organized by the Technology Park

05. 10. 2022

Circular economy shouldn’t be seen as a cost but as an opportunity for companies to grow

Why is the transition to a circular economy a must? What are the opportunities and challenges for companies? All this was discussed at the final conference of the Circular4.0 project in Bled by an ent

11. 07. 2022

What the future holds? Slovenian biggest international metaverse and NFT conference!

Are you ready for the top event of this fall? Together with other partners and sponsors, Technology Park Ljubljana organizes the first international Metaverse and NFT conference in Slovenia of this si

30. 06. 2022

We are building a Circular Economy Community within the Alpine and Danube area!

The initiators of the Circular4.0 project - Interreg Alp Region (whose leading partner is Technology Park Ljubljana) and GoDanuBio (Interreg Danaube) joined forces for the first time and organized a j

24. 06. 2022

Open call for solutions from startups and SMEs!

As part of the URBAN TECH project we have an open call for startups and SMEs to apply with your solutions for the challenges of various institutions across Europe and get the opportunity for funding t

16. 06. 2022

BicyLift is the winning innovative solution of the Ljubljana Smart Pedal Pitch 2022 competition!

The competition for innovative ideas to improve the cycling ecosystem in Ljubljana Smart Pedal Pitch 2022 has come to an end. The solution BicyLift, which yesterday convinced the jury to place it amon

10. 06. 2022

Announcement of the 10 semi-finalists of the Ljubljana Smart Pedal Pitch 2022!

The long-awaited 10 semi-finalists of the competition for innovative ideas to improve the cycling ecosystem in Ljubljana - Ljubljana Smart Pedal Pitch 2022 - have been announced! The competition is or

11. 05. 2022

Ljubljana Smart Pedal Pitch 2022 Velo-city 2022

Let us take urban cycling in Ljubljana to the next level! Are you a startup or an SME looking to grow your business, play a key role in shaping the future of urban cycling, and win a cash prize on top

12. 04. 2022

A team of young talents under the leadership of our co-worker won the POPRI competition

POPRI is a national competition in the entrepreneurial ideas for youngsters. The team Zvočna zakladnica mesečina (Sound treasury Moonlight)that worked and created under the mentorship of our colleague

08. 04. 2022

How did a young entrepreneur, Gašper Sovdat, grab an opportunity to upgrade his business abroad?

Gašper Sovdat is a co-founder and co-owner of Agencija 3PR and he has been developing his digital marketing business since 2018. He heard about the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs from his friend and,

08. 04. 2022

I feel sLOVEnia NFT: we will promote Slovenian tourism with a new digital card and the use of blockchain technology

At today's press conference in Milan, which is held by the Slovenian Tourist Board, I feel NFT project is being presented to wider audience. Its a highly innovative way of promoting tourism on the Ita