How did a young entrepreneur, Gašper Sovdat, grab an opportunity to upgrade his business abroad?

08. 04. 2022

How did a young entrepreneur, Gašper Sovdat, grab an opportunity to upgrade his business abroad?

Gašper Sovdat is a co-founder and co-owner of Agencija 3PR and he has been developing his digital marketing business since 2018. He heard about the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs from his friend and, without a doubt, he decided to take a risk. We manage to have a nice conversation with Gašper to learn more about his participation in the exchange in Dublin, which could help future inspired entrepreneurs to decide to jump into an unforgettable adventure. Gašper chose Technology Park Ljubljana as his Intermediate Organization because he heard many positive feedbacks. Besides, the team of Technology Park Ljubljana assisted him with all paperwork and procedures.

Gašper, what were your expectations and wishes from the exchange inside the EYE program?

When I applied, my expectations and desires  were to get insights into an international company that works with international clients. To learn how to market business internationally, how to acquire international clients and how to comunicate with them. The main reason was to gain knowledge that I will later be able to implement into strategy of my marketing agency.

There is always a risk regarding establishing contact with the Host Entrepreneur. How did you cope with it and what did it bring to you?

My experience with the host entrepreneur is great. We get along well. What I am most excited about is the project, that we are preparing together (web-shop for automated ordering of cosmetics tests). What really excites me is that it is going to be the first platform of its kind and it could be quite revolutionizing for the B2B business in this niche. And also that it depends on us if we will be able to market it correctly and to bring the first customers in.

Are you still in touch with your Host Entrepreneur? Are you planning to do common projects in the future as a result of exchange?

I think we will keep a strong connection also after the program and maybe if we really get well on, his company could be also our first international client.

What would be your advice to young entrepreneurs in Slovenia?

To all young entrepreneurs from Slovenia, I would suggest grabbing the opportunity and applying. As we, especially entrepreneurs, always have a lot of plans and projects going on, it is often hard to find time to make such commitments. But when you do, you realize that everything is manageable, also from a foreign country and that new experiences gained are priceless.

How did the Covid-19 impact your exchange programme?

I am working from home from beginning of the new lockdown. When it comes to working and gaining experience as collaborating at CE, the lockddown is not a big issue, as the whole team used to work remotely and it's this kind of business that works totally smooth this way. Instead of a decline in demand, they are seing an increase, so there is plenty of work. What we will not be able to derive, are the trade shows where we were planning to participate and it was also  one of my goals to learn how to market my own business on international specialized trade shows.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the team of Technology Park Ljubljana managed to make Gašper’s exchange safe and supported him with all necessary means.

Gašper is on the way to upgrading his digital marketing business. He has been taking the first step towards the international markets. What about you? Are you thinking about your own idea or wanting to upgrade your existing business?  Contact us, let’s find you an appropriate mentor, who can share life experiences for your benefit. And, if you are an experienced entrepreneur who wishes to establish new international contacts or business partners or just mentor business enthusiasts, we invite you to join the. We believe that together we help the Slovenian entrepreneurial environment to embrace every possible chance.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an EU exchange program, which brings together new and experienced entrepreneurs and supports the idea of learning from each other. This is one way the new entrepreneurs look at the quick and efficient path towards realization own idea or the contribution to the successful development of already existing business. Meanwhile, the exchange offers new inspirations and brings different perspectives to experienced entrepreneurs.

Technology park Ljubljana has been part of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme for the last 9 years in Slovenia. We supported many exchanges during this period. One of the latest exchanges we assisted was a young candidate from Slovenia who went to Dublin, Ireland to upgrade his business strategy with the support of an experienced entrepreneur.