We presented Slovenia's innovative potential to UNIDO

16. 03. 2023

We presented Slovenia's innovative potential to UNIDO

Yesterday we had the honor of hosting a delegation from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) with the aim of getting to know the Slovenian support environment.

Together with the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport and the Slovenian Enterprise Fund, we presented them with Slovenia's innovative potential for future collaborations and they had the opportunity to meet representatives of successful and technologically advanced Slovenian companies.

UNIDO is a platform for technology, knowledge, and investments. The world is facing three major challenges: how to feed the growing global population, how to provide access to electricity and sustainable energy, and how to create jobs in less developed parts of the world. All of the innovative Slovenian solutions presented at the event addressed these challenges.

The following companies were showcased:

Microbium - MPN Analyzer (automated detection and quantification of E. coli and coliform bacteria in drinking water)

Smart Cargo - Platform to automate the entire logistics process (from document creation, transport & insurance selection, document distribution and notification, to coordinating all the participants in the process)

SAVVY - wearable ECG monitoring device for Athletes, Businessmen and Elderly (captures over 90% of heart problems)

Ubiquity Robotics - self moving robot platform (with mobility, navigation, power and compute working out of the box -programable for various solutions warehouse to serving drinks at events)

Waboost - Providing healthy water by purifying and boosting it with ultrafine bubbles, optimized for farmers, sports facilities, wastewater treatment providers and food production industry.

ReCatalyst - proprietary nano-tech production process that enables next generation of hydrogen fuel cells.

Digiteh - The field of smart factories, Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence

Educell - It is a cell biology company that develops advanced therapies.

Sensum - Computer vision systems. Development, production and sale of innovative systems for automatic visual inspection for better quality in the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries.

DUOL - designs, manufactures, and installs many unique and versatile membrane constructions. The company has many years of experience with inflatable halls, prefabricated structures (wooden/metal) and awnings.

WISE UP - platform for digital learning, intended for students of all 4 years of high school. It contains video explanations and offers interactive exercises, test papers, webinars with the instructions for the final exam, essay assessments and even individual online lessons.

Better Care - transforming healthcare with a leading digital platform for electronic prescribing and medication administration, and tools that require no programming and help healthcare organizations quickly develop applications that meet their specific needs.

EFOS(Trapview) - Information solutions in the field of environment and healthy food, such as a system for automatic monitoring of insects, electronic identification of animals, veterinary information systems and water quality monitoring.