UX/UI: Health through the perspective of the user

24. 04. 2024

UX/UI: Health through the perspective of the user

We have successfully finished our event: ‘’UX/UI: Health through the perspective of the user". Our thanks go to the guests, Andrej Mihelič and Luka Orešnik from Gentler Stories LLC, and Leon van Bakel from Diaverum, who shared valuable insights into the world of product design that positively impacts users' health and well-being.

Key highlights of the event:

Gentler Streak, developed by Gentler Stories, is a personalized fitness and workout tracker for iOS and watchOS that won the title of Apple Watch App of the Year 2022. The team emphasized the importance of creating a good product without initial investment and how their personal experience with burnout led to the development of an app that promotes a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Leon van Bakel presented the challenges of designing apps for Diaverum's dialysis centers, which care for more than 40,000 patients worldwide. Sharing knowledge and understanding the specific needs of patients and healthcare staff are crucial for developing effective and safe digital solutions in healthcare.

The importance of integrating UI/UX design early in the product development stage was emphasized as a key to success. Both Gentler Stories and Leon van Bakel highlighted how understanding the user and their needs is the foundation for designing products that not only meet expectations but also improve the quality of life.

While Gentler Stories emphasized the importance of direct user feedback and adaptability to specific needs and challenges of users, stemming from their own experiences and app design, Leon van Bakel shared insights into the complexity of designing in a regulated healthcare environment where safety, accuracy, and compliance with regulations and protocols prevailing in the healthcare industry are critical. It is important to focus on educating users and ensuring that new systems and applications do not hinder but enhance treatment processes.

Both stories testify to the diversity of challenges in UX/UI design, where it is necessary to find a balance between aesthetics, functionality, usability, and regulatory requirements. The key to success is a deep understanding of the target audience and their needs, as well as adapting design strategies to this knowledge.

Lessons for the companies:

  1. Integrating UI/UX design from the very beginning is essential.
  2. Understanding and testing with beta users is crucial for developing a successful product.
  3. Empathy towards the user and understanding their needs are the foundation of good design.
  4. Designing an application is much easier when it stems from your own needs and challenges.

We thank all participants for their presence and interactive participation. The event was full of inspiring stories, practical tips, and evidence that properly designed technological solutions can truly improve our health and well-being.