Turning Architecture into Business

25. 01. 2024

Turning Architecture into Business

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme at the Ljubljana Technology Park has brought about a remarkable collaboration between host and guest. This partnership is an excellent example of the core of the EYE programme, which aims to foster international cooperation, exchange knowledge among young entrepreneurs, strengthen entrepreneurial skills and encourage innovation in the European business environment.

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Andrej Kurent is a specialist in architecture and interior design and an expert in the reuse of waste materials for custom furniture. In the past, he has collaborated with design students at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, to create communities of recycled tiny houses. He discovered the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme through social media. He had a great mentor early in his career and was therefore willing to share his experience with the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Andre's young entrepreneur host was Alice Ibba from Italy, who describes herself as a multipotentialite. Alice has a degree in architecture and her main goal is to work as a freelancer, combining her passions for interior design, holistic wellness, sustainability, graphic design and web development. She discovered EYE through a friend and, having already participated in two other Erasmus exchanges, she saw it as a great way to broaden her entrepreneurial experience and knowledge.

Both Andrej and Alice have been working on different tasks during the 6-month EYE programme:

  • Private projects (chair project and nesting),
  • Product development with Rhino (3D tool),
  • Developing chairs in wood workshops and chair demonstrations,
  • Setting up an online agency for Go to Sustainability experts.

Alice gained project management skills, the use of 3D tools, experience of working in teams, the use of recycled materials and the entrepreneurial world. Andrej, as host, gained insights into the Italian and German markets, increased his reach to new potential clients and got help to prepare for new product launches at home and abroad. Both enriched each other's experiences, perspectives, ideas and broadened horizons through collaboration.

Andrej's thought is pure and clear: "It was great to work with an architect to develop new ideas and products."

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