Regional finalists for the POPRI competition are known!

13. 03. 2023

Regional finalists for the POPRI competition are known!

At the regional pre-selection of the POPRI competition the yougsters once again impressed with their entrepreneurial ideas, courage, enthusiasm, and exciting mischievousness. POPRI is this year's 20th anniversary competition in the entrepreneurial ideas of youngsters, organized by the Primorska Technology Park, with a prize fund of 30,000 EUR. As a regional partner, the Technology Park Ljubljana organized a regional pre-selection for Central Slovenia, Zasavje Region, and Gorenjska.

A total of 29 teams participated in the pre-selection in the following categories: elementary school, high school, and students and young people up to 29 years old. Each team had five minutes to present their idea to the expert committee, who also asked additional questions and provided comments and advice for improvement.

The three best teams from each category has qualified for the final competition, which will take place on April 4 in Nova Gorica, and they also received cash prizes of 500.00 EUR.

The following teams have qualified for the final:

In the elementary school category:

  • Eco candle Zoja - ecological candle
  • Pelvic girdle - a belt that is placed on the hips for support of the pelvis and spine. Suitable for all ages and sizes
  • Mine, Yours, Our Planet - Education on the importance of caring for the environment.

In the high school category:

  • Grovey - wooden hexagonal stands made of Slovenian wood, connected to each other with magnets.
  • Catch me - a wooden box with a magnet, suitable for storing jewelry and hair accessories.
  • Deep sleep - body oil that helps with relaxation and better sleep.

In the students and young people up to 29 years old category:

  • OnStage - musical device for playing live music.
  • Sportbot - the world's first moving tennis ball machine, which works as a robotic tennis partner.
  • Word Me - a set of 16 cards that serves as a tool for communication and recognizing the needs of others.

Congratulations to all participants and good luck to the finalists in the final competition.