Google interested in revolutionary technology for visually impaired

23. 04. 2018

Google interested in revolutionary technology for visually impaired

Feelif, company from Technology park Ljubljana Ltd has a breakthrough for blind people

Feelif has announced today their world’s breakthrough technology for visually impaired. The company has designed a Samsung tablet that uses vibration and sound to encourage learning of braille, maths, graphs, shapes and languages. This innovation will boost current learning systems which are cumbersome and cause a lot of frustration for blind kids. This revolutionary technology is so huge that Google invited Feelif to present the technology. On the 21st February 2018, the Feelif team was a meeting with Google in Brussels.

Zeljko Khermayer, CEO of Feelif comments “With over 200 million blind people around the world and a whopping 90% of blind children not being taught Braille, companies like Google are fascinated by technologies that make content accessible to this demographic. Even Facebook is working on technology to make photos recognizable to blind people. Our company wants to change these statistics and provide blind children with the confidence and skills to complete college and to get jobs. Our recent meeting with Google boosted our commitment to create more apps and tablets to meet the growing demand for digital content for blind and visually impaired.”

Feelif device uses an innovative patented technology that enables blind or visually impaired person to sense and recognize shapes on the touchscreen. A unique application and a special transparent embossed grid provide an excellent user experience. With Feelif, learning takes minutes and the children and teachers feel less frustrated because learning feels like a game and that keep kids focused.

At present, when kids learn math for example, they are taught to use a device called a Cranmer abacus. This is an abacus that has been modified for use by blind students. The abacus typically takes years of training and is fairly complex. Feelif Math apps allow kids to feel the braille numbers and to understand math calculations faster.

This revolutionary technology is developed in close collaboration with blind and visually impaired users, Centre for Education, Rehabilitation and Partially Sighted and parents of blind children. 

The Feelif runs on Samsung device and it comes in 3 sizes with 3 specially designed relief grids for each device: Feelif Gamer with 5,2” screen, Feelif Creator with 9,6” screen and Feelif Pro with 9,7” screen.

The special apps designed by Feelif are designed to enhance memory and build math, language and spatial skills which are critical for learning in high school and university. The company continues to empower the blind and visually impaired so that they can easily access information in digital form.

Feelif technology has been listed by UNESCO as the best 150 global innovations that could change the world and also won the best European social innovation award.