Community Building Academy

Community Building Academy

Date: 03. 06. 2023 at 08:00 - 13. 06. 2023 at 22:00

Program for advanced community building in technology parks, incubators and accelerators! Do you want more and better commercial services, better business development and global connections, a stronger brand of your park? Are you ready to take your community building skills to the next level? Join the Community Building Academy, a 7-day program that will take your expertise to the next level! An "MBA" in Community Building for those of us who work with businesses (startups, SMEs and Corpos) and work our magic. From June 3-11, 2023, in Ljubljana, Slovenia - the best destination of 2022 - we'll offer intensive and advanced training on community building skills and tools.

We know your pain. We will address:

  1. Limited funding: Often, technology parks, incubators, and accelerators have limited financial resources, making it challenging to provide high-quality services and resources to their members.
  2. Lack of qualified talent: It can be challenging to attract and retain highly qualified employees who possess the necessary skills and expertise to manage the day-to-day operations of the park, incubator, or accelerator.
  3. Difficulty in attracting and retaining members: Technology parks, incubators, and accelerators must continuously attract new members while retaining existing ones. If members do not see value in the services provided, they may seek opportunities elsewhere.
  4. Limited access to resources: Access to resources such as funding, equipment, and research and development support can be limited, which can hinder the growth and success of the park, incubator, or accelerator.
  5. High competition: There is often a high level of competition among technology parks, incubators, and accelerators, making it challenging to stand out in a crowded market.
  6. Limited geographical reach: Technology parks, incubators, and accelerators are often limited by their geographical location, making it challenging to attract a diverse range of members from around the world.
  7. Limited diversity and inclusivity: There may be a lack of diversity and inclusivity within technology parks, incubators, and accelerators, which can limit opportunities for underrepresented groups and hinder innovation and progress

Why join us?

  • Intensive and advanced training of skills and tools of community building in STPs.
  • Exchanges of best practices from around the world and experiences from several parks. And most important, weekends for intense networking at special locations, inspirational networking, to develop deep bonds with community leaders from other parks.
  • Concrete plan on how to upgrade our community and pitch this plan to your CEO to gain support for excellent implementation.
  • Unique opportunity to be able to participate in unconference Kinnernet Slovenia, a series of invitation-only unconference events formed by entrepreneurs, technologists, startup founders, scientists, media professionals, and creatives.

Five main program categories

  1. Business diagnostics – understanding companies A-Z.
  2. Psychology and tricks in communities – exchange of best practices.
  3. Communications, Branding, and PR in communities.
  4. Development of new products (€) for your communities.
  5. Sales in communities and Customer care in Communities.

Program outline


June 3

June 4

June 5

June 6

June 7

June 8

June 9- 11



Business Diagnostic

Psychology & tricks

Development of new products

Sales & Customer care

Communication Branding & PR

Kinnernet Slovenia


A tour of Ljubljana

Practice: Business Diagnostic

Psychology & tricks

Development of new products

Sales & Customer care

Communication Branding & PR

Kinnernet Slovenia


Welcome Reception

Networking & Exchange of best practices

Networking & Exchange of best practices

Networking & Exchange of best practices

Networking & Exchange of best practices

Pitch day & Kinnernet start

Kinnernet Slovenia

Developing an advanced community gives you

  1. Brand: It greatly boosts the brand of your STP.
  2. Sales/Commercialization: Companies are 7x more likely to buy your services for a higher price.
  3. Membership: Attracts even more and better members.
  4. Projects: Increases the success of EU and other projects.
  5. Global Business Development: When your community builder (CB) connects with CBs from other STPs, you can make better business connections.
  6. Network: Meeting, talking, creating, and barnstorming with the most impressive, unique, and talented people worldwide at Kinnernet Ljubljana

For whom?

Community heads, C-level employees; experienced community leads.


Tuition fees

4.000 EUR

50 % off
(First year discount)

2.000 EUR + VAT

(Hotel, food, etc)

1.200 EUR

0 %

1.200 EUR  + VAT


Final costs:

3.200 EUR + VAT


Join us in Ljubljana, Slovenia - European Green Capital and European best destination 2022! APPLY HERE


If you have more questions and need additional information please contact Katja Cencur,