ABELIUM d.o.o.

Področje Information and Communication Technologies
Status Regular member
Lokacija External
Telefonska številka +386 (040) 472 673
Poštni naslov Leskoškova cesta 9e, 1000 Ljubljana
Direktor Boris Horvat
E-naslov info@abelium.com
Spletna stran https://abelium.com/

Abelium Ltd, research and development is a newly formed hi-tech (start-up) company specialized in conducting research in the field of complex problems encountered by the economy and industry as well as in developing of skills, standards, technologies, tools, models and solutions that will provide additional development potential and technological progress of our clients. Among them are problems from the fields of optimization, operations research, informatics, complex object visualization, object reconstructions from images and signals, logistics, packing, timetables, numerical methods and simulation, computational-intensive methods, knowledge management, ICT, intelligent information systems, business intelligence, user interfaces, e-learning, multimedia, etc.