World Future Verse Conference 2022

World Future Verse Conference 2022

Date: 29. 09. 2022 - 01. 10. 2022

Welcome to the top event of this fall! 

Immerse yourself into the latest developments through exhibits and activities that celebrate the advancements of the Metaverse and NFT! Be up to date with the latest trends as we gear up for the next iteration of the digital world. 

If you are serious about being in touch with future trends and technologies, this event is a must. It will take place in one of the most gorgeous locations in Europe - Bled, Slovenia. You will have the chance to hear many renowned speakers and get acquainted with the hotest topics of our future reality: metaverse, NFT, internet 3.0, DAO and blockchain technologies

The World Future Verse Conference is designed to cater to the brightest and most inquisitive minds of our time. By bringing together leaders and creative visionaries from across industries, by nurturing their curious minds, and by putting them together in one room, we hope to spark lights of innovation in each and every one of the attendees.

The conference will also focus on the creation of worlds in the Metaverse and the development of creative tourism using virtual and augmented reality. As part of the event, also the Circular 4.0 conference will take place on September 29 with a goal to establish a connection between the circular economy, digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

Come join us at the Bled Congres Center in Slovenia from 29th of September to 1st of October 2022, and get a front-row seat to the future!

If  by any reason you will not be able to attend personally you are welcome to join us online with complete access to all mainstage live streams, plus select breakout sessions and virtual-only sessions, roundtables, and networking events.

Join us soon in this global celebration of knowledge and innovation!

More information HERE.

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