Green - Digital Innovation days at the Slovenian House at Dubai EXPO City

Green - Digital Innovation days at the Slovenian House at Dubai EXPO City

Date: 05. 12. 2023 at 09:30 - 07. 12. 2023 at 15:30

Join Us at COP28 in Dubai 2023: Pioneering the Future Through Innovation and Sustainability! The year 2023 brings an extraordinary opportunity at COP28 in Dubai, where we will unveil how technological innovations can significantly contribute to mitigating climate change. This event is not just focused on business and environmental solutions but also represents a call to social action for a greener, more sustainable future.

For Slovenia, COP28 is an opportunity to showcase its advanced technologies to the world, especially in the areas of energy efficiency and transition to carbon neutrality, circular economy and construction, sustainable mobility and cities of the future.

To this end, the Slovenian Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport is organizing an intensive three-day program in partnership with MCH Global, Dubai World Trade Center / Future Blockchain Summit, Climate Chain Coalition, GloCha and IAAI, as well as in cooperation with the Slovenian Enterprise Fund, SPIRIT Slovenia, AV Living Lab and AWS Dubai.

Slovenia's pioneering role in green hydrogen and sustainable technologies:

Slovenia is in a position to play an important role in the hydrogen value chain, which is crucial for energy independence, green energy transition and maintaining the competitiveness of key industries. Our goal is to save billions in imported fossil fuels and establish strong export-oriented hydrogen technologies that contribute to the creation of high-tech green jobs. Our strategic location, renewable energy potential, strong R&D tradition and robust manufacturing industry make us a pioneer in the development of hydrogen technologies.

Challenges and opportunities:

While Slovenia faces challenges such as an underdeveloped hydrogen infrastructure and renewable energy sources, our advantages lie in our strategic location in Central Europe, political commitment, existing infrastructure and strong research institutes and companies. The Slovenian Enterprise Fund (SPS) plays a crucial role in providing financial and substantive support to innovative SMEs, helping Slovenia to become a technology developer, producer and exporter in this sector.


A detailed programme by hour can be found HERE.

The programme will run from 5th to 7th December 2023 and will highlight green tech, social and technological solutions on the road to NetZero. 

Each day will focus on key topics:

  • Day 1: energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and circular economy.
  • Day 2: sustainable mobility and cities of the future.
  • Day 3: water, cross-border data and digital innovation infrastructures with a focus on advanced digital technologies (AI, cloud computing, big data, blockchain technology).

This event offers a unique opportunity to showcase Slovenian solutions, lead technological innovators and build the necessary international alliances for effective change. Don't miss the chance to shape a sustainable future together. Join us on this important journey of innovation and sustainable development!

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