VR4LL 2.0 - Virtual Reality for Language Learning 2.0

VR4LL 2.0  - Virtual Reality for Language Learning 2.0

Project date: 01. 11. 2023 - 31. 10. 2026

Contact: Aleš Pevc

Phone: +386 (0)1 620 17 70

E-mail: ales.pevc@tp-lj.si

Development of innovative solutions for language learning in virtual reality that can also be used in other areas of education. Through digital solutions, the project offers a variety of learning opportunities for face-to-face and distance learning. At the same time, it offers training and further education courses for teachers and trainers in various educational sectors.

Project description:

The project focuses on the development of virtual reality (VR) solutions for language learning with potential applications in other educational fields.

The project will result in digital solutions that provide a range of learning opportunities through the implementation of 21st century methodologies, including task-based learning and Total Physical Response (TPR). The digital solutions developed to accelerate learning can be used both in the classroom and in distance learning.

Project outputs include training materials and professional development courses for teachers and trainers in all sectors (adult education, school and higher education, vocational education and training).

Project results:

The aim of these materials is to strengthen the pedagogical and digital competences of teachers so that they can use innovative virtual reality tools in their classrooms.

This contributes directly to the ADU priority of improving the skills of trainers and other adult education staff. In addition, improving the digital competences of teachers and other school staff directly increases the digital resilience and capacity of their institutions.

The results of the project represent the next stage in the development of VR technology for language learning as well as for many other skills and competences.

Project partners: