Start-up AA: Alpe-Adria-Ecosystems Development of the cross-border Start-up Alpe-Adria-Ecosystem

Start-up AA: Alpe-Adria-Ecosystems Development of the cross-border Start-up Alpe-Adria-Ecosystem

Project date: 01. 04. 2017 - 31. 03. 2020

Contact: Mojca Cvirn

Phone: 00386 (0)1 620 3 406


Start-ups tend to develop much better, grow faster and create more jobs if they act within a dynamic start-up ecosystems. In last years the battle for talents has intensified on the global level and it has boosted the outflow of talents and start-ups from the cross border areas into the more attractive ecosystems such as Silicon Valley, Boston, Berlin and London. It is not only rural areas that are affected by this outflow, but also larger urban areas. The key challenge of the cross border area is, how to strengthen the quality of services of key stakeholders of ecosystem and how to create the largest number of possible linkages between them.

The main overall objective of the project is increase in quality and range of services and resources for talents and start-ups in cross border region by developing a unique cross border globally recognizable start-up destination Start:up Alpe-Adria which will be made of connected local Start:up HUBs and stakeholders of ecosystem connected in the Resource container, which will offer their services and resources on local, national and the cross border level. In the project we will implement a scheme of joint cross border support to the talents and start-ups (in seed phase, growth phase). We will develop start-up destination into a globally recognizable destination which will attract local and international stakeholders of the start-up ecosystem. In recent years, the partners as well as other stakeholders nourished the notion that only with cross border cooperation we are able to create an internationally competitive start-up ecosystem in which we can support local and attract foreign entrepreneurial talents in their efforts to create start-up companies. Development also involves cooperation of stakeholders that can be considered in competition, this means the concept is not totally simple and will need a lot of innovativenes to become reality. All activities will be developed based on innovative lean methodologies.

Project partners:
- IRP, zavod
- Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH
- Technology park Ljubljana Ltd.
- Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds