JR Supporting Environment 2023 - 2025, for the Osrednjeslovenska region

JR Supporting Environment 2023 - 2025, for the Osrednjeslovenska region

Project date: 01. 11. 2023 at10:00 - 31. 12. 2025 at 23:59

Contact: Katja Čenčur

Phone: +386 (0)1 620 34 00

E-mail: katja.cencur@tp-lj.si

The aim of the project under this call for proposals is to create a supportive environment that provides free and regionally or nationally accessible support services for the target groups of users throughout the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.


As part of the operational programme for the implementation of European cohesion policy, a contribution is to be made to specific objective 3.1.1: "Promoting the creation and operation of enterprises, in particular start-ups" of investment priority 3.1 "Promoting entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the exploitation of new ideas in the economy and by encouraging the creation of new enterprises, including through business incubators".

Supporting environmental services will contribute to this:

  • strengthening entrepreneurial potential,
  • promoting the creation of new businesses,
  • increasing the number of start-ups, especially those with a higher added value compared to the national average,
  • increasing the survival rate of start-ups,
  • overcoming barriers to entrepreneurial activity.

The following activities will be carried out as part of the project:

  • Information and promotion,
  • training and events,
  • entrepreneurial support.

The target groups of users to whom the activities are directed are:

  • potential entrepreneurs (people with an entrepreneurial idea) and
  • SMEs at all stages of development.

Link to the website of the European Cohesion Policy in Sloevnia is HERE.

The activities of the Ljubljana Technology Park within the JR Supporting Environment 2023 - 2025 operation are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport and SPIRIT, a public agency.