Two entrepreneurs, one goal: Harmony in holism

16. 02. 2024

Two entrepreneurs, one goal: Harmony in holism

Another success story in cooperation with the Ljubljana Technology Park. In a world where helping people to feel better and be healthier is a vocation, the ability to work together is crucial. Petra Arnež Mohorič, Heal Your Life Coach, a specialist in supporting individuals with cancer, and Eileen Clair, owner of the Holistic Centre in Kilrush, Ireland (and also a Heal Your Life® teacher and trainer for Ireland and the UK) are examples of good practice in collaboration.

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Cooperation that pushes boundaries

Both entrepreneurs decided to participate in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme because it is a win-win situation, everyone gets to benefit from their entrepreneurial journey. Petra gained a deeper insight into understanding the holistic industry and best practices. She expanded her professional network in the holistic industry and increased her entrepreneurial confidence to be a successful entrepreneur herself. And Eileen has taken an important step in creating videos for her YouTube channel with Petra's help. Now she can easily create them herself when she wants to share her knowledge with the world.

Petra and Eileen's collaboration lasted 1 month. During this period Petra worked with the whole team at the Eileen Clair Holistic Centre and gained knowledge about setting up a holistic centre, managing both the centre and the team and conducting market research. Together they had a strategy meeting with the marketing agency to discuss marketing activities, with a particular focus on the instructions for the YouTube campaign. Petra shared her experience in creating YouTube videos and showed Eileen how to make them more effective. Together they made several videos for both channels and conducted an online interview. Eileen presented many practical examples of coaching and other holistic therapies and also reviewed Petra's new website and gave tips for improvement. She also shared her knowledge of the basics of essential oils, aromatherapy massages and holistic remedies offered by the centre. Eileen shared her knowledge on running and delivering workshops and long-term coaching therapies.

Developing lasting business relationships and growth through #EYE

The most beneficial outcome for both entrepreneurs is to lay the foundations for a long-term business relationship, a partnership that will grow and last. The continued sharing of experiences, clients, marketing channels and holistic approaches - all of which brings progress and growth to both businesses.

"Participating in the EYE programme has boosted my confidence and enthusiasm to set up my own holistic centre in Slovenia," shares Petra. "The quality of my work has also earned me a place on the reference list of coaches at the Eileen Clair Holistic Centre, which is a great endorsement of all the effort I have put in so far."

Eileen added: "Working with Petra has given me ideas on how to expand my business to other parts of Europe where I am not yet present. I have increased my online awareness by creating my own online videos on my YouTube channel. Petra has given me the knowledge to easily create videos wherever I am."

Their story beautifully illustrates how the EYE programme transforms entrepreneurs, enriches them and supports them to learn, grow and follow their dreams!

The #EYE programme is waiting for you! Get ready to connect with people who think like you, unlock your entrepreneurial potential and start your journey.

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