Florijan Klezin's Journey with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

14. 07. 2023

Florijan Klezin's Journey with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Prepare to be inspired by the transformative journey of Florijan Klezin, a passionate and driven young entrepreneur from Slovenia who soared to new heights through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) program!

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A mastermind in Data Engineering and large-scale data projects, Florijan is based in the heart of Slovenia - Ljubljana. His expertise has brought high-quality solutions to a diverse range of clients across the EU.

A pivotal moment in Florijan's entrepreneurial journey arrived when he teamed up with Rok Tumpej, a data analysis guru from the Netherlands and the owner of Tumpej Analysis. This partnership led them to discover the game-changing EYE program.

With ambitions to gain international recognition and expand his client base, Florijan saw the EYE program as a chance to propel his business to new heights. At the same time, Rok sought fresh perspectives and potential collaboration partners. Their united vision set them on a mutually rewarding entrepreneurial adventure.

The mentorship, knowledge exchange, and collaborations between Rok and Florijan not only fuelled their entrepreneurial spirit but also expanded their professional networks, enhanced their reputations, and opened doors to future collaborations.

Florijan’s journey with the EYE program turned out to be a game-changer. It brought him invaluable insights from Rok and propelled his business vision and capabilities. The partnership was equally beneficial for Rok, who welcomed fresh ideas from Florijan, promising exciting potential for their future endeavors.

The pair's journey with EYE resulted in an abundance of benefits: They grew their professional networks, acquired invaluable knowledge, enhanced their reputations, and established future collaborations. Beyond this, their journey opened up a world of possibilities – new market opportunities, an expanded skillset, and heightened recognition in their fields.

In Florijan's own words, "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs transformed my business perspective and opened doors to a world of opportunities." Similarly, Rok shared, "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs broadened my horizons and connected me with talented individuals for future collaborations."

Inspired by Florijan and Rok's success story? The #EYE program awaits you! Get ready to connect with like-minded individuals, unlock your entrepreneurial potential, and start your transformative journey. Stay tuned for more success stories and join the EYE program to create your own!