05. 05. 2019


Financed from the Interreg Mediterranean programme, tender number EU/05/2019

  1. Background

Tehnološki park Ljubljana d.o.o. (Technology park Ljubljana Ltd) is a partner in the  GREENOMED project. Together with 9 other project partners and 10 associated partners GREENOMED aims to:

  • establish a Cluster-governed methodology enabling trans-regional cooperation to design and implement pilot plants,
  • set-up trans-regional projects of pilot plants for green manufacturing innovation in the MED Regions,
  • establish the institutional environment supporting trans-national cooperation for green manufacturing innovation in the MED Regions.

GREENOMED is an Interreg Mediterranean research collaboration project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The goal of Greenomed is to contribute to the conceptualisation and implementation of a European network of pilot plants on green manufacturing. In particular, Greenomed tests the methodology enabling Regions to cooperate for the collaborative design and implementation of pilot plants under the logic of Smart Specialization. The goal of Greenomed is thus to contribute to the conceptualisation and implementation of a European network of pilot plants on green manufacturing.

GREENNOMED project grounds on the experience realized by some Consortium partners in the “VANGUARD Initiative – New Growth Through Smart Specialization”. VANGUARD is a politically-driven network of Regions aiming at implementing innovation grounded on their Smart Specializations. This initiative aims at defining and implementing trans-regional projects for the realization of a European network of pilot plants supporting companies, especially SMEs, in the innovation of manufacturing products, processes and technologies.

2. Subject of the call

The subject of this call are professional expertise services that will include professional assistance in carrying out project activities specified in this call. The two most important outputs expected to be delivered by the chosen experts are:

  1. a) The Support to the Delineation of Cross-Regional Innovation Investment of two Business Cases in the Area of “Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing”.
  2. b) The cases should be significantly aligned and embedded in the Vanguard Initiative “Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing” Pilot

(for more information see: and should match existing “demo cases”.

The Subject of this call for offers relates to Greenomed Work package 3: Testing and Work package 4: Transferring. In case of individual activity delays, flexibility is expected from the selected expert.

The professional services of this invitation will be implemented from 20th of May 2019 until the end of the project in July 2019. In the case of expected project prolongation, the provision of professional services will be extended until December 2019. Approximately 30 man-days are planned for the completing of the tasks included in this call.

3. Expected main activities / Deliverables

The selected expert / service provider is expected to work on 3 practical phases and should plan:

  • Al least 3 Multi-day trips to Slovenia (foreseen May-July and September, October 2019)
  • Phase 1: Pre-scoping phase
    • o Focus Group Creation
    • o Preparation of Materials and Instructions for Implementation of Working Groups
    • o Follow up on Phase 1 in form of a Report
  • Phase 2: Scoping phase
    • o Preparation of Content and materials
    • o Co-organization of Roundtables with selected stakeholders
    • o Follow up on Phase 2 in form of a Report
  • Phase 3: Operation phase
    • o Coordinating actors’ completion of operational templates for the 2 selected priority Pilots (designing the template, coordinating the integration of inputs, finalising and reaching agreement)
    • o Finalisation of the Concept Notes (Final Deliverable)

The selected expert / service provider is expected to participate, implement and guide the intended tasks, provide needed reports and contents, while the client will provide management activities, general communication with the public, organizational tasks of meetings, communication with their own stakeholders and the community. During the execution of this contract and the activities related to it, the selected provider carries out activities in the name and on behalf of the client, Tehnološki park Ljubljana d.o.o. (Technology park Ljubljana Ltd). The client provides the necessary human resources for the implementation of project management activities, while the provider is expected to actively participate within the foreseen scope.

The provider should consider the fact that communication with project partners is in English, and that all documents (instructions, questionnaires, final product and similar documents) must be prepared in this language.

4. Other elements of the call

Tehnološki park Ljubljana d.o.o. will provide:

  • management of activities,
  • access to project documentation,
  • coordination of the partnership,
  • involvement of the provider in regular communication with project partners (if needed),
  • logistical organization (location, sending invitations etc.) for meetings, events etc.
  • guidance in the implementation of services.


The professional expert selected is expected to provide the following:

  • professionally qualified team for the implementation of the envisaged activities,
  • all deliverables, reports and other documents should be provided in English,
  • flexibility in the performance of tasks, depending on the time course of the project (possible prolongation).


5. Conditions for selecting a provider

The selected service provider must meet the following conditions and requirements:

  1. a) participation in successfully completed projects (Form 4), consultancy activities, related to energy efficient/sustainable manufacturing;
  2. b) experience in managing and advising similar value chain projects (Form 4).


6. The offer should include


7. Estimated time frame and maximum value of the call


Activities begin with the signing of a contract. The timetable is stated in point 2. The content of the order, but it can vary according to changes in the project timeline and the dynamics of the partnership, the chosen provider will be informed 15 days before the scheduled start date of the activity. Expert services are implemented from the signing of the contract to the completion of the project, which should include the report on the services performed and the final document.


The contract with the selected service provider ends with the implementation of all planned activities and completion of the project. The total value of this call cannot exceed the amount specified in the contract. The selected bidder will issue the invoices on the basis of the services provided, and will provide monthly reports with evidence (timetables, signed lists of attendance at meetings and other events, etc.) and reports on the spent man-day units.


8. Payment terms

The contracting authority undertakes to make payment for the service provided in accordance with the law. Monthly payments are scheduled on the basis of reports on performed services with evidence and timelines of work performed by the bidder and confirmed by the client, within fifteen (15) days of the issued invoice.


9. Benchmark for selection of the service provider

The benchmark for selecting the most favourable service provider is the one with the highest number of points received. The number of points received by an individual bid is calculated as the sum of the points for each of the three criteria as set out in the following table:


Number of Points

a.) Cost of a man-day – without Tax*


b) The methodological approach, which describes the method of execution;


c) participation in successfully completed projects, consultancy activities, related to energy efficient/sustainable manufacturing;



* The number of points for the price of the man-day unit is calculated using the formula 50 * xmin / x, where xmin is the lowest offered unit price among all received bids, and x the unit price for each bid.

In the case that two or more bidders offer the same economically most favourable bid, the tenderer who reaches a higher score on point (b) will be selected.

10. Deadline for submission and method of submission of tender

The tender must be submitted by the tenderer in writing to this address:

Tehnološki park Ljubljana d.o.o.
Tehnološki park 19
1000 Ljubljana

or via email address

Offers will be accepted until the 15th of May 2019, until 14.00 hours.

Contact person for additional information: Andreja Hlišč, e-mail:, tel: (01) 6203490.



Matej Cerar:

Managing Director                                                                            Ljubljana, 5.5. 2019