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Progress of Slovenia in digitalization

Digitisation in the world plays an increasingly important role in conjunction with the growth of the economy. Thus, it is very important that regions and countries recognize the importance of social competences and challenges as one of the key factors for the success of digitization in due time and manner.

EU project: Start-up AA

Start-ups tend to develop much better, grow faster and create more jobs if they act within a dynamic start-up ecosystems. In last years the battle for talents has intensified on the global level and it has boosted the outflow of talents and start-ups from the cross border areas into the more attractive ecosystems such as Silicon Valley, Boston, Berlin and London. It is not only rural areas that are affected by this outflow, but also larger urban areas.

Danube Transnational Programme ACCELERATOR

Innovative SMEs in all participating regions of ACCELERATOR are hindered by access to equity particularly in their early stage development. Thus ACCELERATOR engages in exploring and piloting the innovative path of acceleration programmes towards improved business support in the Danube region.

Technology park Ljubljana is a partner in the EU project SCALE(up)ALPS

Project SCALE(up)ALPS tackles common challenge of enhancing AS competitiveness & growth, targeting Regional S3 sectors & developing AS start-up ecosystem based on connecting alpine 4-helix (academia-business-public administration-capital).

GREENOMED - Mediterranean Trans-Regional Cooperation for green manufacturing innovation

Manufacturing is an important pillar for Europe, since it impacts significantly on economy, occupation welfare and environment. It consumes about the 30% of the total energy produced, uses as input critical raw materials and is responsible for environmental emissions. Thus, the adoption of green practices in manufacturing is a top-priority of seveal European Regions.

TPLJ participates in Interreg Mediterranean project "open DOORS"

"open DOORS" project provides studies for designing a common strategy aiming to promote and develop the Sharing Economy (SE) within the creative and innovative communities coming from previous CAP experiences. It proposes something new: the "inclusive" dimension of the SE as an integration and a new road for pursuing the smart and sustainable growth in the MED area.

Technology park Ljubljana is a partner of a BIFOCAlps project

BIFOLCAlps - “Boosting Innovation in Factory Of the future value Chain in the Alps” aims to boost collaboration and synergies among main actors of Alpine region innovation system for a sustainable, smart and competitive development of the value chain of manufacturing sector towards FoF practices.

Investor forum on 7-9 June 2017 of IASP and EBAN

IASP and EBAN are holding an investor forum on 7-9 June 2017 as part of the Malaga Innovation Festival in Malaga, Spain, where companies can apply until 7th May 2017 for the chance to pitch to hundreds of investors!

Technology park Ljubljana in EU project ChIMERA

ChIMERA main objective is to improve innovation capacities of CCI public and private actors through strengthened cooperation among companies, research bodies,public authorities and civil society.Thanks to ChIMERA,CCIs key actors will improve their innovation capacities, regions will strengthen innovative CCIs clusters,cooperating in a transnational network, clusters members will benefit of tailored services to meet  innovation needs and regions will concretely pursue innovation strategies on CCIs.

Technology park Ljubljana in EU project SMART-SPACE

The EU manufacturing sector, apart from financial services, is the second largest sector in terms of employees & turnover and the first contributor to non-financial business economy. Exports consist mainly of manufactured products. This sector plays an essential role in the innovation chain because is RD&I-intensive activity. Nowadays, lack of automation, synergies and obsolete management systems cause loss of competitiveness with respect to emerging markets.



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