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Ljubljana Technology Park encompasses a simulative innovative environment, formed by groups of companies and their projects, start-up companies, innovative established companies, research and development organisations, suppliers of capital and other service companies that complete the offering of the TP LJ innovative environment. Our key goal is to promote the transfer of people, ideas, information, knowledge, services, capital and research and development resources.

The Community of the Ljubljana Technology Park brings together over 300 different members, which can be either:

  1. Potential members (entrepreneurial groups with an innovative entrepreneurial idea).
  2. Full members (incubated innovative start-up companies).
  3. Associate members (alumni companies and other rapidly growing innovative companies), and
  4. Interested members (various service providers, R&D institutions, interest groups, VC, etc.).

For more information on becoming a member, see this link.

On our website we publish a database of the members of TP LJ, which can be searched by the following criteria:

  • List of companies in alphabetical order.
  • List of companies according to activity.
  • List of companies according to location, and
  • Graphical display of capacities on location.


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