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Biotechnology / Medicine
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Enej Kuščer

A high-tech company working primarily in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology, Acies Bio positions itself as one of the most prospective companies for developing the global competitiveness of the European and Slovenian economies. Working with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, as well as major food companies, Acies Bio has been recognised as a competent partner in its R&D collaborations.

In its R&D programme, Acies Bio is developing novel proprietary technologies and processes for the production of important pharmaceutical drugs. Acies Bio’s research projects aim for global competitiveness with state-of-the-art patentable products, processes and technologies.     Part of their development activities also focuses on "proof-of-concept" studies, prototype development and commercialisation of innovative biotechnology products and solutions in the form of partnerships and/or royalties. In its drug discovery programme, Acies Bio is searching for novel secondary metabolite compounds with a particular focus on antibacterial, antifungal, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and neuroregenerative applications.

In the services division, Acies Bio strives to not only deliver state-of-the-art services, but to proactively seek out new value-added solutions for our clients. The main strengths of Acies Bio services for the pharmaceutical industry include industrial strain development and strain improvement, manipulation of secondary metabolites biosynthesis, impurities profile improvements, media optimisation and bioprocess development, development of recombinant micro-organisms for biosynthesis and biotransformation of target compounds, drug discovery programmes, analytics, purification, and downstream processing. With experience and know-how in natural product biosynthesis, a milestone-based approach to projects, innovation and flexibility, as well as competitive pricing, Acies Bio aims to become the premier partner in R&D outsourcing for a number of major pharmaceutical companies. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, Acies Bio also collaborates with the food, agricultural and chemical industries on biotechnology products and innovative solutions. Acies Bio also aims to further increase its strong collaborations between academic institutions and industry, promoting the flow of innovation, good practice and technology transfer.


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