KAKIS d.o.o.

Področje Okoljske tehnologije
Status Regular member
Lokacija External
Telefonska številka 040 159 544
Poštni naslov Čevljarska 27, 6000 Koper
Direktor David Kodarin
E-naslov david.kodarin@kakis.eu
Spletna stran http://kakis.eu/

KAKIS positive sanitation started in 2016 and the company was established in february 2017. We are based in Koper and now we are mostly focus on selling and designing new projects (new toilet unit, urinoar & indoor composting toilet that generates heat).

Our main product is an outdoor composting toilets. It does not use water or chemistry. Human waste is separated to liquid and solid fractions in different containers. Solids are composted, while urine is cleaned from pathogens. After the process you get high-quality compost and fertilizer.